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「The Others」為一系列聚焦於亞洲、素人文學結合視覺藝術的計劃,它的構思啟蒙來自我的成長環境和台灣特殊的政治背景。The Others是一個十年計劃,開始於2017年,預計與十位亞洲的素人作家合作,希望從更廣闊、包容的視角去開拓塗鴉、繪畫藝術對抽象性、歷史性以及邊緣故事的描寫。



糖果鳥Candy Bird

The Others is a 10-year art project with its focuses on Asia, amateur literature, and visual art. The initial concept had stemmed from the environment I was raised in, as well as Taiwan’s unique political backdrop. Commencing on 2017, I aimed to include 10 stories of amateur literature in the project along with my art, hoping to open up the street art and painting more inclusive practice to portray the abstract, the history, and the ambiguous.

The “others” to me does not only differs culturally, for there are much more nuances that could cause one’s alienated feelings, thus drawing the psychological boundaries that differentiate dissimilar senses of belonging and values. The childhood experiences of not being able to adapt to the environment had left memories in my body, while my country Taiwan has also long been at a marginal position among the international society. All these concerns had led me to contemplate the life stories of corner people, which marked the presence of "the others". During course of this project, I attempted to create a visualized territory for the others to walk in and to feel, and eventually to connect with the world and the people around.  

Candy Bird



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