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     「The others」為一系列聚焦於東亞、文學結合塗鴉藝術的創作計劃,它最早的構思啟蒙來自我的成長環境和台灣特殊的政治、地理背景。我以印尼籍Abdul Mubarok的文學作品「 LIR ILIR」為出發點,重新詮釋和視覺化身處「異地」之人、流浪之人、被忽略之人的世界。「The others」是一個五年計劃,開始於2017年4月,它預計包含12篇東亞地區的短篇文學與我的塗鴉作品,我希望從更廣闊、包容的視角去開拓塗鴉藝術對抽象性、社會性以及無形邊界的描寫。


     Abdul Mubarok是從印尼來台灣電子加工廠上班的移工,工時長休假少,雖然如此,他下班之餘仍透過文字去思念母親,並藉此深刻描寫了身處異地的狀態與困境。這個五年計劃還在執行中,最終我希望為「他者」建構一個視覺化的國度,讓更多人可以感受和走進來,也讓自己的過去有某種出口,可以連結世界和其他人。

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     The Others is a 5-year art project with its focuses on the East Asia, literature, and street art. The initial concept had stemmed from the environment I was raised in, as well as Taiwan’s unique political and geographical backdrop. Moreover, based on the Indonesian writer Abdul Mubarok’s literature work LIR ILIR, I intended to re-interpret and visualized the world of those foreigners, those wandering, and those neglected. Commencing on April 2017, I aimed to include 12 short stories of East Asian literature in the project along with my mural or street art works, hoping to open up the street art toward a broader and more inclusive practice to portray the abstract, the social, and the ambiguous.


     The “Foreign” to me does not only differs geographically or culturally, for there are so much more nuances that could cause one’s alienated feelings, thus drawing the psychological boundaries that differentiate dissimilar senses of belonging, values, and beliefs, and not to mention self-identities. Furthermore, the childhood experiences of not being able to adapt to the environment had left memories in my body, while my country Taiwan has also long been at a marginal position among the international society. All these concerns had led me to contemplate the wanderers and the corner huddlers, which made the "Foreign" an essential element of this project that marked the fluidity of the others.


     Abdul Mubarok comes from Indonesia and is currently working long hours with very few days off in an electronics manufacturer. Despite laborious daily life, he nevertheless weaved his longing for his mother into words while he was off duty, and vividly illustrated his situations and predicaments in this foreign land. During the course of this 5-year project, I attempted to create a visualized territory for the others to walk in and to feel, to perceive, to let go of their pasts, and eventually to connect with the world and the people around.

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